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No matter your relationship with liver cancer, Liver Central has information to help you take your next steps. Whether you’ve just received a diagnosis, have been managing HCC for a few years, or are helping a loved one, we know that it can be overwhelming to figure out what to do next–and how.
At Liver Central, you can find information about the many types of liver cancer, videos from experts on the basics of life with liver cancer, cutting-edge research and clinical trials, and even opportunities for financial support. Clinicians–you can also find current practice guidelines and liver cancer-related opportunities for CME credit to provide the best care for your patients.
Liver Central was created by Global Liver Institute to equip everyone affected by liver cancer. We know that learning, advocacy, and collaboration empowers us to create change in the exam room, in the community, and beyond.
If you just received a diagnosis, start by learning more about liver cancer.

Our values drive our mission to improve the lives of individuals and families facing liver-related issues.

Patients, caregivers, and providers alike can benefit from Liver Central

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LIVER Cancers council

Essential To GLI’s Mission

Thank you to the experts of GLI’s Liver Cancers Council, who have been foundational to creating the resources available here at Liver Central. With more than 30 members, including healthcare professionals, advocacy partners, patients, survivors, partners and advocates, the Council brings together the liver cancer community to improve the liver cancer experience.

Liver Cancers Council goals include:

  • Set a unified agenda for addressing liver cancers including HCC, primary and secondary liver cancers, and rare liver cancers
  • Increase the number of liver cancer patients diagnosed at an early stage
  • Support knowledge, choice, and access to appropriate treatment options
  • Reduce disparities in diagnosis and treatment access
  • Advance policy and advocacy to support research, access and information for those impacted by liver cancer
To learn more about the Liver Cancers Council contact or complete our membership application for organizations.

More than 800,000 people are diagnosed with liver cancer globally each year.


By 2030, the incidence of HCC is expected to increase by 137%

The Financial Impact of Liver Cancer: $9,000,000

Committed To Doubling The Survival Rate By 2030.

Despite its prevalence and impact, liver cancer receives limited global attention. GLI works with its partners to raise awareness of liver cancer, increase timely liver cancer screening, and promote policy that benefits patients and families facing liver cancer. 130 signatories have joined GLI’s Liver Cancer Pledge to take action to double the survival rate and create a path to equity in liver cancer.


GLI created Liver Central as part of its broader mission to improve the lives of individuals and families facing liver disease.